From Problem to Product

Imagine one day to walk on the street of your own town and that street to be made from waste. The same waste that the community has made. Bringing impact for the local community, lower C02 emissions for production, transportation and recycling. In a way that the “un-recyclable” plastic and construction waste has been transformed into meaningful infrastructural material. 


Wasteful is founded on the belief that until we as a society do not replace the word waste with the word resource we cannot really solve our problem with pollution. At least as of today no production process or product lifecycle is perfect, there is still too much materials that end up on landfill, in the environment and in our waters. So we have decided to make it our mission to find new ways in which we can turn waste into a resource. Invent cool technologies through which to extend the life of materials by transforming them into a resource for the creation of new products. Ones that are simple, some that are simply beautiful, others really functional, but always ones provoking actions towards ourselves and our Earth.


It all started as an idea. A wish for a trash free world that starts as a little spark and forms the center of our fire. We are Alex, Ivan, Sasho and Marta. We are a very passionate team with different backgrounds.  Collected from different fields in life we form our team. At first was Ivan, alone with his idea. We met in September 2020 at the Beyond pre accelerator program and have been working together ever since. At first, we all had different ideas and during the program we were able to channel them in one direction. We actually won the program and since then we have won 3 more.


Grant Green Industry Innovation
Innovation Norway

“Top 3” Start Up World Cup
Regional Final, Plovdiv

Most Impactful Project
Start For the Future – eBridge Alliance, Munich

Pre-accelerator program - Sustainability, Sofia

FedEx Access Award
GEN-E - Junior Achievement Europe

BoostUp Competition CLC East 
European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Vienna


Ivan Borov

Product Development

Alex Parvanov

Business Development


Here are some of the goals that we’ve achieved so far and the goals that we are aiming for the future:

January 2021
Complete Founder Institute program
March 2021
Gathered team and advisors
April 2021
Made 1st composite prototype
May 2021
Win Beyond Accelerator Program
February 2022
Innovation Norway Grant


Test & Certification of the product
StartUp Certificate Munich - success
Pilot Production
Funding - Seed Funding
Funidng - Mobile Factory 500 000 €
Innovation Mobile factory Grant

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Special THANK YOU to our mentors!

Thank you for all your time, knowledge and support! It is always better to have a friend to guide you and believe in you along the way.

Markus Häupl, Strabag

Nikolay Petkanov

Founder - MBrand

Dilian Popov

GM - AltScale Cloud Services

Georgi Slavchev


Hristo Apostolov

Sofiyska Voda

Nikolay Iliev

Datecs, Next Lab

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