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We are Wasteful.

What brings us together is a common cause – to be a part of the solution of the plastic waste pollution problem.

To see our short video: Click here.

Who are we: 

A year ago the accelerator program Beyond  brought us together and since then we have been working on our idea. In our team we have a civil engineer – specialised in the development of alternative materials, a designer, sales and marketing specialists. To support our technical unit and to balance the forces between business and technology, we are looking for you!

About the idea: 

At the moment we are in a laboratory phase. We develop construction products that are made almost entirely from recycled raw materials (97%): such as hard-to-recycle plastic, glass, ash / slag from the mining industry and others.

It is a composite material – very durable and offers the opportunity to create a wide range of products. Our pilot product is a paver, but later we want to create bricks, tiles, facades and more.

Why are we looking for you:

For testing and the laboratory phase we will need machines such as a shredder, an extruder and more molds. We are both looking for a person to add to the team or someone who can perform various tasks and support for us.

If the waste topic excites you? Or you want to work on an idea that has meaning and mission? Or you just want to be in an environment among young entrepreneurs?

Don’t hesitate to contact us: /


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